Natural Limestone

About Natural Limestone In the realm of architecture natural stone is featured in a variety of projects and in a variety of ways. This natural stone offers a number of significant benefits and its properties make it the choice for some very specific surfaces. In this post we will look at natural limestone. We will … Continue reading “Natural Limestone”


Welcome to This website was built to provide a resource for stone fabrication professionals. Additionally, others interested in diamond granite blades will find the information here informative as well. Here we will summarize some of the areas you will find in the Granite Diamond Blades website. Stone Related Articles This area of the website … Continue reading “Home”

About Natural Onyx

About Natural Onyx If you have researched the material called “onyx” you may have found that sometimes you get material that describes it as a natural material made of silica. However, you may also have found that there is other information that describes “onyx” as being a material made of calcite. Which of these is … Continue reading “About Natural Onyx”

Granite vs. Quartz

Comparing Granite and Quartz Each is an option for various surfaces in homes and businesses. Both materials offer stunning looks in a variety of colors and popular visual textures. Furthermore, both of these surface choices are used in a number of projects and have a very strong customer base. Yet, the two materials are very … Continue reading “Granite vs. Quartz”

Engineered Quartz

Engineered Quartz Surfaces In the world of kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces including vanities, showers, and wall tiles, engineered quartz is a popular choice. Yet, some may not be familiar with exactly what this material is, what is needed to fabricate quartz, or how to maintain and care for it. In this post, we will consider … Continue reading “Engineered Quartz”

White Lion Turbo Quartzite

5 & 6 Inch Diamond Quartzite Turbo Blades Are you looking for a diamond blade that is suitable for quartzite and other hard stone materials? The 5 & 6 inch diamond Quartzite Turbo blades meet this requirement. In fact, it is constructed with specific features that make it good for cutting extremely hard materials quartz … Continue reading “White Lion Turbo Quartzite”

Customer Service Ideas

Stone Fabrication Customer Service Stone fabrication has a lot of unique factors that separate it from other service related industries. However, in many ways stone fabricators have to give attention to the same aspects of business as any other company. One such area is customer service. Service tips is one of the aspects of stone … Continue reading “Customer Service Ideas”

Matrix Turbo Contour

Matrix Contour Turbo Blades If you are a fabrication professional in search of a fast cutting contour turbo blade, you have found it. The Matrix Contour Turbo Blade is great for performing vanity bowl cutouts. Since it is made for use on a variety of materials, this is a must have for a professional seeking … Continue reading “Matrix Turbo Contour”