Red Cat Saw Blade

Red Cat Saw Blade - Granite

Red Cat Saw Blade

The Red Cat saw blade runs steady and is provided at a great price. This bridge saw blade is designed to run on a variety of stone even though it is listed as a “granite blade”. In fact, the Red Cat blade will even cut quartzite. Here is a list of some of the natural and engineered surfaces this diamond blade will cut:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Quartzite

Blade Performance

The Red Cat bridge granite blade performs nicely at an appealing price. For tried and true, steady cutting, simply use the auto settings on your saw to monitor the amps and let the blade do its thing.

Another Red Cat series feature, the 15mm high tapered segments allow open cutting with plenty of water to keep this blade sharp. Furthermore, the segments cut clean and consistently.

Finally, Red Cat blades cut clear to the core and cut with very little chatter or chipping. Truly a remarkable blade for shops using good blades at a low price.

Blade Sizes

The Red Cat is available in the following blade sizes:

  • 14 Inch
  • 16 Inch
  • 18 Inch


The following table lists the sepcification for each of the 3 blade sizes.

Red Cat Granite Blade Sizes & Specs
Size Arbor Seg. Ht Seg. Thk RPM
14 Inch 60/50 15mm 3.3mm 1700
16 Inch 60/50 15mm 3.3mm 1600-1700
18 Inch 60/50 15mm 3.3mm 1200-1400

Cougar Blade

Long Life Bridge Saw Blades

Long Life Bridge Saw Blades – Cougar

Are you in search of a diamond bridge saw blade that offers long life and cuts a variety of stone types? The Cougar blades are long life bridge saw blades designed to meet that requirement. In fact, Cougar blades offer many characteristics that make it arguably the best diamond blade for bridge saws.

Wide Range Long Life Blade

The Cougar diamond blades work to provide fast, clean cuts on an array of materials that fall into many stone types. Some of these types of stone include:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Engineered Stone
  • Hard Marble Material

Designed for Long Life

Just because these long life bridge saw blades work for a variety of stone types, that does not mean that they have short life. In fact, many design features of these diamond blades contribute to their longevity and performance. Let’s take a brief look at a few.

First, the 25mm height of the diamond segments contribute to the long life of these blades. Why is this the case? It is because these segments allow plenty of water between the blade and stone. This, in turn, keeps the segments cooler.

Additionally, the layered pattern of the diamonds mean that these blades meet optimal performance. This is because the diamonds are continually touching the stone. The clean and fast cut this blade offers compliments the equipment that it is being used on. Consequently, you will find that these blades will be among the longest lasting bridge saw blades on the market. Finally, Cougar blades are made for bridge saws with 10+ horsepower motors.

Benefits of Long Life Blades

The benefits fabricators realize by using long life blades like the Cougar are very real. In fact, the cost per linear foot of cut with these bridge saw blades will be one of the lowest operating blade costs you will find.

Blade Specifics

  1. Layered Diamond Technology
  2. 25mm Segment Design
  3. Lowest Cost Per Linear Foot
  4. 60/50 Arbor
  5. 10+ HP Saw Recommended

Available Sizes

The long life bridge saw blades that carry the Cougar brand are available in the following diameters:

ST CM Blade

St Chop Saw Blade

Chop Saw Diamond Blade

The ST diamond blade is designed for use with compound miter saws to cut a variety of materials. This Chop Saw Diamond Blade leaves the stone smooth and cuts fast.

Stone Compatibility

The ST Chop Saw Blade performs outstanding cuts on a variety of material including the following:

  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Natural Stone

In fact, this blade cuts back splashes very well when mounted on a compound miter saw and used for this purpose.

Design and Construction

The design of this blade is what contributes to its effectiveness. It is constructed with a very solid, stiff core. This rigid core will not flex during the cut. Additionally, this diamond blade has a full 3/8″ of diamond around the rim. Diamond extension segments go down the core of this blade. The side diamonds on this blade make it an extremely aggressive cutting blade that leaves the stone very, very smooth. Another result from these design features is the long life of the blade. Finally, the air cool holes allow it to stay cool during continuous continuous cutting.

An Adaptable Blade

The ST Diamond Blade offers a 1″ Arbor. It also comes with 2 bushings mounted in the blade; making it adapt to saws with arbor sizes of 5/8″, 7/8″ and 1″.

Size Availability

The Chop Saw Diamond Blade is available in the following sizes:


  • Dry Use
  • Wet Use
  • Max RPM: 6,100
  • Arbor Compatibility: 5/8″, 7/8″, 1″

CNC Sawjet Blade

CNC Sawjet Diamond Blade

CNC Sawjet Diamond Blade

Looking for layered diamond blade that is designed to cut fast, clean, and quiet? The Matrix S Diagonal Diamond bridge saw blade is a great performer. It also works well as a CNC sawjet diamond blade as well.

Designed for Fast Cutting

The Weha Matrix S is a premium diagonal layered diamond blade that cuts fast, clean and quite. Designed for a variety of materials, fabrication professionals use this blade for cutting the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartz
  • Marble

Uniquely Layered Diamonds

This layered diamond blade is different from other blades with layered diamonds. How so? The Matrix S Diagonal blade diamonds are layered in a diagonal pattern in relation to the core. As a result diamonds are continuously being exposed. Hence, this blade offers 100% continuous cutting with diamonds.

This diamond layering is different form other blades which alternate the diamond layers with filler. Thus producing a layering pattern of diamond, then filler, then diamond, etc. Because of the continuous diamond layers in a diagonal pattern, the Matrix S 18mm height blade will last as long as some 20-25mm height blades. As a result, this unique layered diamond blade is performing like no other blade on the market.

Customer Feedback

If you want to get an idea of the performance and value of this blade, just ask stone professionals that are using it as a CNC Sawjet Diamond Blade. Here is what one customer says about the 12″ Matrix S Blade:

“One of the best blades for Northwood sawjets. At 10′ a min of cut, the Matrix doesn’t deflect, gives clean cuts, and gives great life.”
– Lexington, KY

And that stone pro is not alone, check out the comments on the 16″ Matrix S:

“I have been using these blades for over a year now. best blade I have used on my Park saw.”
– Don Gallaher


“I have this on a 20 HP Marmo and we cut about 50/50 granite/quartz in 3cm. This blade is quiet, smooth and fast. I am amazed at how long it is lasting. We run it dry through some sandstone after the quartz slabs and have not had any problems. Go to blade, for sure.”
– The Artisan

If you are searching for a layered diamond blade that can be used on bridge saws as well as sawjets and want one that offers 100% continuous cutting, try this blade.


  • Diagonal Layered Diamond
  • 18mm Lasts As Long As 25mm
  • For All HP Saws
  • Austrian Segment
  • German Core
  • Silent Core
  • 60/50 Arbor
  • Other Bushings Available

Low HP Blade

Low Horse Power Saw Blade

Low Horse Power Saw Blade 14″

The Low Horse Power saw blade is made specifically for rail saws, track saws, and tile saws that have a 3hp or less motor. This diamond blade has a total outside diameter of just under 14″.

The 13 7/8″ diameter of this low horse power diamond blade allows it to fit on popular saws and track saws used by stone professionals in the stone fabrication industry. In fact, this diamond blade works very well with the Blue Ripper rail and Achilli TSA 3hp track saws.

Blade Specifics

  • Outside Diameter is 13 7/8″
  • 60mm Arbor
  • 10mm Segments


Split Segment Bridge Saw Blade

Split Segment Bridge Saw Blade

Are you a stone fabricator looking for a split segment bridge saw blade that cuts stone materials clean and fast? The GR-29 bridge saw blade from Weha meets this requirement and more.

These GR-29 diamond bridge saw blades cut a variety of materials including the following natural and engineered stones:

  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Hard Marbles

Blade Design

These diamond blades remove slurry and keep a lot of water between the segments and stone. Another design feature is the blade’s European style segments. This segment style has 2 segments per landing; which means it is fast cutting and the cuts are clean.

Additionally, the 20mm height segments of the GR-29 split segment bridge saw blade offer outstanding life. These blades also have a 60/50 Arbor for saw compatibility.

Size Availability

These diamond bridge saw blades are available in the following sizes:

Blade Specifics

  • Austrian Segment
  • German Silent Core Body
  • 20mm Austrian Segments
  • 60/50 Arbor
  • For Saws of 10hp and Up

Blitz 3DX Arix

Blitz 3Dx Arix Diamond Blade

Blitz 3DX Arix Diamond Blade

The Blitz 3DX Arix diamond blade works on granite and engineered stone materials. These diamond blades feature 3DX Arix technology and a silent steel core. Hence they are a great choice for stone fabricators seeking a stone blade that does not flex.

Blade Designed to Perform

The Blitz 3DX Arix diamond blade is designed for performance and can be used on natural and engineered stone materials. Diamond segments on this blade consist of 3 dimensional pattern technology. Hence, the blade will foot print the most diamonds on stone at any given time. In fact, the Blitz 3DX Arix diamond blade is the longest lasting blade on the market thanks to this 3 dimensional pattern technology.

Additionally, this blade offers a premium silent steel core that will not flex or come out of tension. Also, the Blitz 3DX Arix was specifically built for faster production work with much more cutting life than other premium blades. And you can choose from either 20mm segments or 25mm segments.

Blade Test Results

Weha performed its own tests on the Blitz 3DX Arix in an effort to measure the performance compared with other premium stone blades. These are the findings:

20mm Segment Blade Test

  • 35% Longer Life Over Other 20mm Blades

25mm Segment Blade Test

  • 35% Longer Life Over Other 25mm Blades

Additional Uses

The Blitz Diamond Bridge Saw Blade is also an outstanding blade for 45 Degree Miter cuts. It does not flex while cutting mitered granite or engineered stone.

Available Blade Diameters

The 3DX Arix diamond bridge saw blade is available in the following sizes:


  • Up to 35% Longer Life than other premium Bridge Saw Blades
  • 3D Diamond Placement Technology
  • Premium Grade Silent Core
  • Reduced Noise
  • No Flexing
  • 60/50 Bushing Included
  • 20mm Height Segment