White Lion

Quartzite Bridge Saw Blade

Are you on the lookout for the best quartzite bridge saw blade? Many fabricators consider the White Lion Quartzite Blade to be one of the best diamond blades for cutting hard stone. In fact, Weha calls it a “Quartzite Blade” because it works so well for this task. Why should you give the White Lion a shot to prove its quartzite blade status? Keep reading to find out.

Quartzite Bridge Saw Blade

The White Lion diamond blade is aptly named. We can say that because it devours hard stone materials like quartzite. In fact, these blades will cut a variety of materials including:

  • Quartzite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Granite
  • Quartz

The blade features a German silent core so it is quiet and smooth. However, the silent core is only one feature of this blade that seems to be eating up its fair share of the blade market. The White Lion also sports a patented segment design that boosts its cutting speed 35%. Furthermore, the design of the blade cuts a chip-free path during constant high-speed cutting.

A Premium Designed Blade

The White Lion quartzite bridge saw blade is more than just a diamond blade that cuts quartzite well. It is, in fact, a premium designed diamond blade built for the purpose of cutting quartzite material. Yet, some people that have used this “king of the jungle” have deemed it worthy of its name by making statements such as these:

“The White Lion is still, in my opinion, the best blade on the market!”
– Mike Hawley Vail, CO

So if you are looking for a quartzite blade that gives you speed and life, you may have to look long and hard to find one better than this blade. A combination of specific features contribute to its effectiveness. Just look at what it offers:


  • ARIX Layered Diamond Technology
  • Maximum Diamond Concentration
  • Optimal 20mm Segment Height
  • German Made Silent Core

The White Lion quartzite bridge saw blade comes in a variety of sizes and are available for Donatoni saws too. The sizing is as follows:


For Donatoni Saws

With so many sizes of this quartzite blade available, there is no doubt your fabrication shop could make use of one or more of them.