45 Degree Blade Cutting

Welcome to GraniteDiamondBlades.com. This website was built to provide a resource for stone fabrication professionals. Additionally, others interested in diamond granite blades will find the information here informative as well. Here we will summarize some of the areas you will find in the Granite Diamond Blades website.

Stone Related Articles

This area of the website offers articles that discuss various aspects of the stone industry. Here you will find articles about fabrication of natural and engineered stone as well as caring for stone surfaces. In fact, you may well find some articles that discuss various tools; really, anything that hat has to do with stone fabrication.

Bridge Saw Blades

When it comes to cutting stone with a bridge saw, the blade and the stone you are cutting make a difference. Additionally, the saw you use may carry specific requirements. The bridge saw blades section features blades designed to run on bridge saws.

Contour Blades

There are a number of blades here that are designed to grind and shape sink cutouts and bowls. Hence, these contour diamond blades are featured in this area of the website.

Marble Blades

Like any other material, marble has specific characteristics. These characteristics require specific tool properties to cut, polish, and shape it. Therefore, the marble blades area of this website will present diamond blades that are designed to work well with marble-like materials.

Multipurpose Blades

For a blade to cut an array materials and do it well, it needs to have features that have been designed to perform this task. That is why there are a number of diamond blades here that cut a variety of stones well. These multipurpose blades may be just what you are looking for.

Turbo Blades

Fabricators consistently look for diamond granite blades that will cut fast and clean. As a result, the market for turbo blades is one that gets a lot of attention. So we have developed an area of GraniteDiamondBlades.com dedicated to showcasing these kinds of blades.

Porcelain Blades

Diamond blades for cutting porcelain and tile are a must have. So there is an are dedicated to a variety of diamond granite blades designed for this exact purpose.