Marble Counter Restoration

Marble Countertop Restoration

Marble Countertop Restoration

What comes to mind when you think of marble countertop restoration? You might be surprised to find out that this topic involves more than one facet. Depending on how you look at the term “restore”, you will get a different answer. If you are looking to restore marble countertops, you might mean that you need to remove a stain. Will marble countertops stain? They sure will under certain circumstances. If this is the kind of restoration you mean, you may be looking for a do it yourself stone restoration kit. However, there is another kind of restoration. The more severe kinds of damage require more involved measures of repair, restoration, and even resurfacing. That is the type we are going to discuss in this article.

Restoring More Serious Marble Issues

In addition to cleaning, stain removal, and sealing, marble counter restoration also includes more serious damage. Things like scratches and chips affect the appearance of a marble surface. For these issues, something more than a DIY solution is needed. Restoring more serious marble surface damage takes specialized skill and tools. So let’s look at these kinds of marble damage and look at the solutions as well.

Will Marble Scratch?

You may have wondered at one time, “will marble scratch?”, and then been surprised to learn that it does. That is not to say that marble is going to scratch. The care routine plays a role in the appearance of marble. But marble is a soft stone. In fact, there are specific blades for marble. Even sculpting blades for marble are available. Since marble is a relatively soft stone, marble counter scratch repair solutions are needed. So what solutions exist? The two we are looking at are the counter chip repair kit and the counter resurfacing system.

Marble Counter Chip Repair

In addition to scratching, marble has the potential for chipping. Why is this the case? Well, sharp objects or sudden impact can jar the stone and literally break pieces off it. Chips can be large enough to take a chunk of material off. In these cases, you have the piece of stone that came from the surface. All that is needed here is to bond the piece back to the surface. Yet, there are other kinds of chips too. The ones where the missing material is completely gone. When this happens, the material must be replaced with something that restores the look.

Marble Chip Repair Kit

A marble counter chip repair kit is a collection of specialized tools used together to fill stone chips. Kits usually include a filler, coloring pigments, and other stone tools. Kits make restoring marble slabs that having chips easy for professionals. Although some other tooling is required, many stone pros have the needed equipment. You can see why this kind of a refinishing project might not be a DIY task. Chip repair for chipped marble stone surfaces is possible though. Furthermore, entire fields of work are built on the idea of repairing chipped stone.

Resurfacing Marble Countertops

Marble counter resurfacing, or marble countertop refinishing is another kind of restoration. This type of restoring is needed not for chipping, but because of scratching. Scratches on the surface of a marble slab mars the stone. If the marble is polished it is especially noticeable. Restoring scratches that make the polished surface look dull also takes specific tooling. For example, using a planetary polisher with a set of marble polishing pads is an effective solution. These machines basically refinish the stone’s surface. By progressively polishing and buffing out the scratches, the polish is restored. Hence the phrase, resurfacing makes perfect sense. Like marble chip repair, marble counter resurfacing is part of the stone restoration field.

As we have considered in this article, marble counter restoration can be described in a number of ways. There are projects such as stain removal and sealing that could be done by the consumer. Yet there are other, more involved ways to restore marble countertops. These include resurfacing, refinishing, and chip repair tasks. Those types of marble restoration require necessary equipment used by professionals. Either way though, damaged marble surfaces can be restored. You just have to know where to look.