Split Segment Bridge Saw Blade

Split Segment Bridge Saw Blade

Are you a stone fabricator looking for a split segment bridge saw blade that cuts stone materials clean and fast? The GR-29 bridge saw blade from Weha meets this requirement and more.

These GR-29 diamond bridge saw blades cut a variety of materials including the following natural and engineered stones:

  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Hard Marbles

Blade Design

These diamond blades remove slurry and keep a lot of water between the segments and stone. Another design feature is the blade’s European style segments. This segment style has 2 segments per landing; which means it is fast cutting and the cuts are clean.

Additionally, the 20mm height segments of the GR-29 split segment bridge saw blade offer outstanding life. These blades also have a 60/50 Arbor for saw compatibility.

Size Availability

These diamond bridge saw blades are available in the following sizes:

Blade Specifics

  • Austrian Segment
  • German Silent Core Body
  • 20mm Austrian Segments
  • 60/50 Arbor
  • For Saws of 10hp and Up

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