Granite Home Value

Can Granite Improve the Value of Homes

How Can Granite Improve the Value of Homes

Fabricators from all over the world appreciate the benefits of including natural stone in construction. However, some home owners are not aware of the value that natural stone can infuse into a property. This article considers some specific ways stone can be used to boost the value (or equity) in a home.

A Simple Comparison

When considering the question, “Can granite improve the value of homes”, all you need to do is put yourself in the shoes of someone buying a home. So, imagine you are looking at two separate homes. The homes have identical floor plans. In fact everything in them is identical and they are the exact same price. However, there is one difference. The home on the right has stone counter tops, flooring and there is even natural stone in the landscaped yard. The home on the left has vinyl flooring, laminate counters, and landscaping using alternative materials. This example demonstrates the value that stone adds to a home’s value.

Based on the truthfulness of the statement, “Stone adds value to a residential property”, we will consider three specific points. These are ways in which home owners use granite and other natural stone to add value to homes.

Granite Indoor Upgrades

First on our list of ways granite can improve the value of homes is by using it for interior upgrades. Installing granite as a kitchen counter or a bathroom vanity is one effective way to harness the value of natural stone. When a skilled craftsman installs a natural stone counter or vanity, the results bolster a home’s value.

Why is this upgrade valuable? The kitchen is the hub of activity in many domestic environments. A large part of the family’s interaction takes place across the kitchen counter. Additionally, a good deal of visiting happens in the dining area when company comes over. With so much activity and traffic occurring in this part of the home, durability is key. So a durable surface that holds up is valuable.

Another indoor area that benefits from a stone upgrade is flooring. Sure, many people view ceramic tiles and other hard surfaces as superior to vinyl flooring. However, many homeowners prefer stones floors for a truly luxuriant look and feel in the interior of a home. There are many options when it comes to choosing a material for a stone floor. But the point is this; natural stone floors are regarded as an upgrade by many.

Outdoor Granite Landscaping

Second on our list of methods that answer the question, “Can granite improve the value of homes?” is by using it out of doors. Indoor kitchen counters and flooring aren’t the only areas for which owners can use natural stone to upgrade. Areas outside the home are also good candidates for value-boosting natural stone.

Natural stone landscaping is one way to heighten the enjoyment of a home’s exterior areas. Whether it is a walkway created with decomposed granite or a small decorative wall made with granite blocks, there are many ways to add value to a home’s exterior with natural stone.

Hardscaping With Granite

Finally, home owners often create value in a home by means of hardscape projects. Granite is used as a building material for patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Even entire outdoor kitchens are constructed with stone materials.

Why is natural stone such a value booster when it come to outdoor upgrades? Natural stones that are hard – like granite – are remarkable for outdoor leisure areas. Granite counter tops are sturdy enough to endure water, sun, and wind. In fact, this is precisely where granite was shaped before it became a construction material.

So, how can granite improve the value of homes? The answer hinges on the three areas we have covered.

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