About Natural Onyx

About Natural Onyx

If you have researched the material called “onyx” you may have found that sometimes you get material that describes it as a natural material made of silica. However, you may also have found that there is other information that describes “onyx” as being a material made of calcite. Which of these is correct? The short answer is that both are true. In this post, we will begin by explaining briefly why there are two definitions and then we will talk about natural onyx in a particular context. So let’s get into the topic of natural onyx.

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Granite Home Value

How Can Granite Improve the Value of Homes

Fabricators from all over the world appreciate the benefits of including natural stone in construction. However, some home owners are not aware of the value that natural stone can infuse into a property. This article considers some specific ways stone can be used to boost the value (or equity) in a home.
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