CNC Sawjet Blade

CNC Sawjet Diamond Blade

CNC Sawjet Diamond Blade

Looking for layered diamond blade that is designed to cut fast, clean, and quiet? The Matrix S Diagonal Diamond bridge saw blade is a great performer. It also works well as a CNC sawjet diamond blade as well.

Designed for Fast Cutting

The Weha Matrix S is a premium diagonal layered diamond blade that cuts fast, clean and quite. Designed for a variety of materials, fabrication professionals use this blade for cutting the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartz
  • Marble

Uniquely Layered Diamonds

This layered diamond blade is different from other blades with layered diamonds. How so? The Matrix S Diagonal blade diamonds are layered in a diagonal pattern in relation to the core. As a result diamonds are continuously being exposed. Hence, this blade offers 100% continuous cutting with diamonds.

This diamond layering is different form other blades which alternate the diamond layers with filler. Thus producing a layering pattern of diamond, then filler, then diamond, etc. Because of the continuous diamond layers in a diagonal pattern, the Matrix S 18mm height blade will last as long as some 20-25mm height blades. As a result, this unique layered diamond blade is performing like no other blade on the market.

Customer Feedback

If you want to get an idea of the performance and value of this blade, just ask stone professionals that are using it as a CNC Sawjet Diamond Blade. Here is what one customer says about the 12″ Matrix S Blade:

“One of the best blades for Northwood sawjets. At 10′ a min of cut, the Matrix doesn’t deflect, gives clean cuts, and gives great life.”
– Lexington, KY

And that stone pro is not alone, check out the comments on the 16″ Matrix S:

“I have been using these blades for over a year now. best blade I have used on my Park saw.”
– Don Gallaher


“I have this on a 20 HP Marmo and we cut about 50/50 granite/quartz in 3cm. This blade is quiet, smooth and fast. I am amazed at how long it is lasting. We run it dry through some sandstone after the quartz slabs and have not had any problems. Go to blade, for sure.”
– The Artisan

If you are searching for a layered diamond blade that can be used on bridge saws as well as sawjets and want one that offers 100% continuous cutting, try this blade.


  • Diagonal Layered Diamond
  • 18mm Lasts As Long As 25mm
  • For All HP Saws
  • Austrian Segment
  • German Core
  • Silent Core
  • 60/50 Arbor
  • Other Bushings Available