Extra Thin Blade

Extra Thin Quad Turbo Blade

TF Extra Thin Quad Turbo Blade

Have you been looking for a blade to cut a variety of stone materials? Are you in need of a blade that leaves a smooth edge after cutting? Read more about the Extra Thin Quad Turbo Blade.

The TF Extra Thin Quad Turbo blade is a super thin turbo blade from Weha. Stone professionals create cuts with smooth edges using this thin blade with a reinforced core. In fact, the TF Extra Thin blades work on the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Quartz

This Extra Thin smooth cutting turbo blade is a great choice for fabricators looking for a thin, in shop blade. Additionally, this blade is versatile because it can be used in both wet and dry fabrication environments.

Blade Features

  1. Extra Thin Thickness
  2. Air Cool Holes Throughout Blade
  3. Reinforced Core

The whole body of the blade features air holes. As a result, the blade stays cooler when it is used for continuous cutting. This super thin diamond blade has a reinforced core so it doesn’t flex during cutting. Additionally, it can be pushed fast through the cutting motion. These aspects of the blade’s design produce a fast, straight, and aggressive cut.


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