Sintered Material Porcelain Blade

Sintered Material Blade

Sintered Porcelain Ceramic Diamond Blades

The Tenax Ceramic wet diamond blade for sintered materials is high quality diamond bridge saw blade designed for cutting sintered materials. The quality cut and clean results from this ceramic blade is worth checking out and learning more.

Wet Use Ceramic Blade

The Tenax Ceramic wet blade for sintered materials is designed to cut a plethora of surface types. When it comes to cutting sintered material, the Tenax ceramic diamond blade is a great choice. It is designed to cut materials that are extremely hard and require specific blade specifications. The Ceramic blade by Tenax ahs been developed to meet those requirements.

Blade for Cutting Porcelain

Although porcelain has been around for many decades, the interior design industry has recently begun to use it more and more in the area of surfacing. For example, floors, cladding, facades, and countertops are all surfaces using porcelain. The Tenax Ceramic blade offers just what’s needed to cut these types of materials.


  • 2150-2500mm RPM
  • Straight Cut Feed Rate: 800-2000mm Per Minute
  • Miter Cut Feed Rate: 500-1400mm Per Minute
  • Standard 2.3mm Core Thickness

Feed Rate Rate Table

Porcelain Tile Thickness RPM ⌀360 RPM ⌀410 Feed Speed LM/min
3-4.9mm 5-9mm 10-12mm 13-20mm
2150-2500 2150-2500 2150-2500 2150-2500
1900-2200 1900-2200 1900-2200 1900-2200
1.5-1.8 1.2-1.5 1.0-1.2 0.8-1.0
NOTE: It is suggested that the speed feed be reduced by 40-50% while entering and exiting the cut. For cutting at 45° the suggested speed reduction is 40%.

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