Copper CR Blade

Copper Core Continuous Rim Blade This Copper Core Continuous Rim Blade works to cut a litany of materials common in stone fabrication. The reinforced copper core offers added benefits for the stone professional that uses this blade. Continue reading for an overview of this diamond blade.

Cougar Blade

Long Life Bridge Saw Blades – Cougar Are you in search of a diamond bridge saw blade that offers long life and cuts a variety of stone types? The Cougar blades are long life bridge saw blades designed to meet that requirement. In fact, Cougar blades offer many characteristics that make it arguably the best … Continue reading “Cougar Blade”

Extra Thin Blade

TF Extra Thin Quad Turbo Blade Have you been looking for a blade to cut a variety of stone materials? Are you in need of a blade that leaves a smooth edge after cutting? Read more about the Extra Thin Quad Turbo Blade. The TF Extra Thin Quad Turbo blade is a super thin turbo … Continue reading “Extra Thin Blade”

WX2 Multipurpose Blades

WX2 Multipurpose Diamond Blade If you are the kind of person that sees the value of a leatherman tool or a swiss army knife, then this blade is for you. Because the WX2 is a multipurpose tool, it is used for multiple tasks. Hence, having one of these diamond blades handy is a must for … Continue reading “WX2 Multipurpose Blades”