Blitz CR Blade

CR Reinforced Core Tile Blade

Blitz CR Reinforced Core Tile Blade

Looking for a continuous rim tile diamond blade that designed to perform well when cutting glass material? The Blitz CR Reinforced Core Tile Blade could be the end of your search.

Diamond Blade Design

This Blitz diamond tile blade with a continuous rim and 1″ arbor performs clean cutting on the following materials:

  • Natural Stone
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartz Material With Glass

Fabricators enjoy chip free cuts with the Blitz. This continuous rim blade also offers a reinforced core and high diamond concentration to give it an excellent life expectancy. Since it has as reinforced core, the Blitz CR Reinforced Core Tile Blade performs miter cuts very effectively.

Available Sizes

The Blitz continuous rim blade with reinforced core is available in the following size:

If you are seeking a smaller size, check out these continuous rim tile blades.


  • Zero Deflection
  • Chip Free Cutting
  • Excellent On Natural Stone
  • Wet Cutting Only
  • Description
  • Chip Free On Glass Material
  • Premium Quality
  • Excellent With Mosaic Tile